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Mental Health Nurse

What is it like to be a Mental Health Nurse?

Mental health nurses are registered nurses who have undertaken additional specialist training and education in the area of mental illness and psychological distress to enable them to provide care and support to patients with mental and emotional difficulties. A mental health nurse may also have to undertake family liaison duties and be able to liaise with other health care providers.

Mental health nurses may find work in health units, hospitals or out in the community.

Is it right for me?

It is important that a mental health nurse has good judgment and patience, and be able to work well in high-pressure situations.

Other important skills include:

  • ability to cope with the physical and psychological demands of working as a nurse
  • ability to take initiative in emergency situations
  • capable of dealing with patients who are mentally distressed or who suffer enduring mental illness
  • ability to work independently and as part of a team

To become a Mental Health Nurse

To be able to become a Mental Health Nurse, your study options will change based on your previous study experience or your preferred study pathway:

Which pathway is best for you is individual in nature. Contact a career counsellor to explore these options further.


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