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Communication and Media

Communication is the key to all human interaction and the Media has never been more central to the way we live our lives. From broadcast media and television to Hollywood, world cinemas, and new media, USQ’s Communication and Media degrees will equip you for the world of contemporary storytelling.

  • Learn about interpersonal, group and mass communication, develop practical skills and understand the theory behind the areas of communication and media that interest you most.
  • Learn how to develop, plan and implement effective communication strategies; shape external perceptions of a business; and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
  • Draw on scenarios and case study examples currently taking place around the world to build your knowledge of the communication and media systems common in Australian and global settings.
  • Extend your Communication and Media degree by also studying Marketing, PR, Journalism, Advertising or Creative Writing.

Career opportunities

USQ’s Communication and Media Studies will prepare you for a career in most fields, but particularly in arts and culture industries, communication and government policy, community development, education, media, management, teaching, and politics.

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Study Communication and Media at USQ