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Master of Science (Research) (MSCR)

Study Mode
  • On-campus
  • External

  • Semester 1 (February)
  • Semester 2 (July)

Number of Units
  • 12 units

  • 1.5 year/s or part-time equivalent

  • Ipswich
  • Toowoomba

Program Information Set

Enhance your science research career

The Master of Science (Research) gives you the skills and opportunities you need to further your career in your chosen science research area. In this degree, highly motivated and highly qualified students undertake advanced study to produce a research-based dissertation which will help you to develop your research skills in a specialised area of knowledge and proceed further with your science research career.

Within this degree you will have the choice of three specialisations’ to focus your research studies. They include:

In this degree you will find the emphasis to be on the development of knowledge and skills to allow you to undertake independent research and professional practice in your chosen area.

Professional accreditation

The Master of Science (Research) Psychology Research major is accredited by the Australian Psychological Accreditation Council.

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