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2015 winners

The junior category is students in Years 8-10 and senior category is Years 11 and 12.

Junior poetry

  1. Jaimee Goad with 'The war within' (DOCX 23KB)
  2. Hayden Glavin with 'The river's spirit' (DOCX 22KB)

Junior short story

  1. Imogen Ryan-Kerr with 'Entwined' (DOCX 25KB)
  2. Caitlin Bartlett with 'Child of the Dark Moon' (DOCX 25KB)

Senior poetry

  1. Abigail Thomas with 'Departure' (DOCX 23KB)
  2. Natasha Biemann with 'To die in one's embrace' (DOCX 24KB)

 Senior short story 

  1. Hannah Campbell with 'Esther' (DOCX 26KB)
  2. Eve Simbert with 'The summers die' (DOCX 25KB)