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Child Protection, Education and the High Risk Teen - A Collaborative Response

07 SEP 2018
8.45 AM - 4.00 PM
USQ Toowoomba, R113
31 Aug
5.00 PM

USQ, in collaboration with the Department of Education (Darling Downs, South West Region), the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba, Catholic Schools, and the Department of Child Safety will host their annual Symposium.

The symposium will have a number of keynote speakers who will explore a range of professional perspectives and collaborative approaches relating to the intersection of child protection and education as they relate to the complexities of the high risk teen, including:

  • Dr Wayne Petherick - Forensic criminologist and Associate Professor of Criminology at Bond University, presenting on adolescence and violence.
  • Dr Chelsea Leach - Forensic psychologist and founder of Pracademics™, speaking on TICS - trauma-informed and child-safe: what we learn at the beach.
  • Dr Kay Ayre and Dr Govind Krishnamoorthy, speaking on trauma informed behaviour and behavioural support.   

The presenters will also facilitate an audience lead Q&A session. A hypothetical case will be discussed through an interactive panel session, which will allow participants to explore topic issues experienced in their professional context and engage in discussion with key professional stakeholders in the community.

The goal is to explore critical issues relating to the interrelatedness of child protection, education and the high risk teen which, impact on professionals and to promote a collaborative response through discussion with key multiagency stakeholders.


The cost for this event is  $70.00 (including morning tea and lunch).

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