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AIP John Mainstone Youth Physics Lecture Tour

Dr Sean Powell - Physics is everywhere!
13 AUG 2018
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM
USQ Toowoomba, R113
08 Aug
5.00 PM

From sub-atomic particles to the large-scale structure of the universe, physics seeks to answer the most fundamental questions about reality. As we learn more, we can do more! Physics is everywhere in our world and underpins all out technologies.

Dr Sean Powell in his presentation 'Physics is everywhere!' will discuss the important problems that all of us encounter every day: how do I teleport myself to school? What do I do when I find myself inside a black hole? Why is my time-machine not working? He will also talk about the superpowers that you can gain as a physicist, such as the ability to make accurate quantitative observations and predictive and interpretive mathematical models. These powers mean that you can become very valuable and work in many industries such as fundamental physics research, economics and finance, space and aeronautics, healthcare and medicine, learning and teaching, electronics and computers, and so much more!

Dr Sean Powell’s research experience is in theoretical and computational modelling of particle dynamics and diffusion and MRI characterisation of diffusion in complex pore spaces. In addition, Sean has industry experience in computer software and hardware engineering, 3D visualisation systems, and solar thermal energy research. 

Sean currently is employed at the Science and Engineering Faculty of QUT in Brisbane where he leads the biofabrication research team within the Biofabrication and Tissue Morphology research group. His quantitative and problem solving skills as a physicist complement those of the multi-disciplinary team of biologists, organic chemists, clinicians and medical engineers. With Sean’s passion about learning and teaching, he lectures undergraduate physics at all year levels from introductory to advanced.


Students, parents, teachers and anyone interested in physics are encouraged to attend this free lecture.

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