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How to connect the Art curriculum with Sustainability presented by Flying Arts Alliance

Artist and educator Nadine Schmoll provides insight on her own experiences designing and delivering art and sustainability projects and workshops in schools for children of all ages.
08 AUG 2019
3.30 PM - 4.45 PM
Online Webinar
08 Aug
3.00 PM

Using a variety of case studies, Nadine outlines how to manage an environmental art project for your school, including the collection of useful waste materials, experimentation with mediums such as sculpture, installation art and painting in the context of sustainability, and how ecosystems can be explored through art making. Be inspired to incorporate sustainability as a cross curriculum priority into the visual arts within a primary school setting.

This webinar is particularly relevant for Primary School teachers wanting to incorporate art into the curriculum, artists wanting to collaborate with schools, Specialist Art teachers and School Sustainability Officers.

USQ has a longstanding 20-year partnership with Flying Arts Alliance. They are an organisation who provide arts workshops for regional and remote areas, with a particular focus on Education.