STEAM in Practice - Creativity

Workshop 2
05 MAR 2019
4.00 PM - 5.30 PM
Online Webinar

This series of workshops is designed to intrigue and inspire in equal measure by using STEAM as a gateway to the general capabilities in meaningful and authentic ways.

Each workshop will be 90-minutes and will leave you with some practical tools to apply in practice in primary or secondary settings. You are invited to dip into one or two workshops or join us for all four. The intention of these workshops is to provide an entry point into exploring the possibilities of STEAM education and what it could look like in your classroom. An additional component of this series is that each workshop is delivered by a team of educators from a range of backgrounds and disciplines to truly model and unlock the integrated nature and possibilities of STEAM education.

Workshop 2 - Creativity

Creativity is a considered a fundamental attribute of the 21st century learner. This workshop will focus on the significant creative potential of STEAM learning, and in particular, on drawing out of STEM concepts in and through meaningful engagement with the Arts. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in the creation of a hands-on STEAM moving art gallery project, based on a automaton base, and develop practical and theoretical understandings to effectively engage students in STEM in and through the Arts. There will be some everyday resources needed, and a list will be sent to participants prior to the workshop. The list will include some everyday tools (scissors, ruler, hot glue and PVA glue) and materials such as photocopy card, bamboo skewers, coloured paper, and pencils.

Workshop Series

Date  Workshop  Facilitator 
Tuesday 26 February 2019 Workshop 1 - STEAM learning and critical thinking – solve, ponder, reflect   Linda Galligan and Tania Leach 
Tuesday 5 March 2019   Workshop 2 - STEAM learning and creativity – create, design, make   Katie Burke, Alwyn Powell and Stephanie Piper  
Tuesday 12 March 2019  Workshop 3 - STEAM learning and communication – talk, share, articulate   Melissa Fanshawe and Ange Fitzgerald  
Tuesday 19 March 2019   Workshop 4 - STEAM learning and collaboration – group, consolidate, coordinate  Carolyn Brown, Chris Dann and Seyum Getenet  


$100.00 for the series or $30.00 each workshop.