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2017 highly commended entrants

In 2017 two entries have been highly commended by our judges: 'Depression' by Margaret Pearce and 'It is as if' by Rosemary Huisman. 


by Margaret Pearce 

From the far lonely reaches of my fears,
Incubating from the blackness below
Depression stirs, that carrion crow
An obscene shape across unshed tears.

Sensing the failing confidence crying,
Circling to the summons of silent screams,
Tearing at the entrails of broken dreams
Spilling unborn hopes from corpse still dying.

Gorging on the malice of transient friends
Unsated the feral weed of paranoia thrives
Choking fragile reason from despairing lives
Breaks through at last, and into reality blends.

And that dense black shadow across my years,
Feeds monstrous life into those carrion fears.


It is as if

by Rosemary Huisman

it is as if

in dreams    we return to the sea
down to the shore    devolving
at the shore’s edge    moving 
into the warm white flow and ebb    receding 
the sun strikes light    translucent
the surface    the green flow of the surface 
rushes to cooler water    takes us
out beyond the breakers    pulls us 
down    deeper and darker
and deeper    blue    indigo
ink to darkness     

in which

vague forms    phantasms    float past us
coming into being and going
inventive shapes    unformed    forming
bearing their own light    fluorescent 
suddenly illuming    vanishing to ultra-violet
indifferently tried    discarded
nurtured or miscarried
rocked in the lap slap of the ocean’s tides
grouping and falling apart
intelligible becoming 
unintelligible being 

in which

we are/are not    the old temptation 
how easier it is to stay here    
amino acids    mindless    
letting the spacetime worlds spin as they will
forgoing the doing of hands    the seeing of eyes
the delving and spinning    the planting and building up
families - tribes -  towns - nations    and the tearing down
feud and battle and war    this evolution
exacting its price again    and again
the dream-tide     carries us
flotsam and jetsam     casts us

into the waking day