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2017 winners

The junior category is students in Years 7-9 and senior category Years 10-12. 

Junior poetry 

  1. Betty Lawson with 'Bioluminescence' (DOCX 20KB)
  2. Chelsea Livingston with 'Stained' (DOCX 51KB)
  3. Indie Sarma with 'Wonders of the water' (DOCX 20KB)

Junior short story

  1. Chelsea Livingston with 'A forgotten past' (DOCX 132KB)
  2. Areeba Ahmed with 'Autumn' (DOCX 21KB)
  3. Richelle Hodson with 'Rose' (PDF 14KB)

Senior poetry

  1. Caitlin Maidment with 'Cleansed' (DOCX 21KB)
  2. Joshua Nutter with 'Acute' (DOCX 21KB)
  3. Chelse Cox with 'We're all sinners here' (DOCX 23KB)

Senior short story

  1. Alexandria Walker with 'Does drinking too much Red Bull cause hallucinations? Asking for a friend' (DOCX 24KB)
  2. Naomi Simpson with 'The freeing woods' (DOCX 23KB)
  3. Trinity Ross with 'The vodka' (DOCX 36KB)