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Brisbane Planetarium Astronomy Seminar

USQ is proud to partner with the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium as part of the 2019 USQ Festival of Astronomy.
To register, please contact the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium directly on 07 3403 2578. Tickets are limited and there will be a $10 per person fee at the time of registration, so get in quick. Guests are requested to arrive at 3.30pm for a strict 4pm start and there will be no late entries accepted.
20 JUL 2019
Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, Toowong, Brisbane
20 Jul
3.30 PM

Two Internationally renowned speakers will be presenting at the 2019 Festival of Astronomy events.

Professor Jonti Horner

"Are we alone?"

For as long as we have gazed at the sky, people have asked "Are we alone?". Past efforts to answer that question have, unfortunately, drawn a blank, and we are still hardly any wiser than our ancient ancestors. So where will we look next? And how close are we to truly understanding our place in the cosmos? Join USQ's Professor Jonti Horner, as we take a journey through our past and future efforts to search for life beyond the Earth.

Dr Katarina Miljkovic

“Impact! The sculptor of lunar and planetary surfaces”:

When you look up in the sky and see the Moon, you’d notice some areas appear darker. These are some of the largest impact craters in the solar system. If you’d look through a small telescope, you’d see lots more smaller craters on the lunar surface. What is their origin? Why isn’t Earth like that? Are Earth and the Moon the same system? These, and other questions, will be covered along with a historical overview and grand importance of Apollo missions and the soil samples they brought back to Earth.


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