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Curious Kids Talk and Q & A

USQ is proud to partner with The Conversation to present Curious Kids Live. Jake Clark will talk about how weird our Solar System is, followed by the opportunity for children to ask four of the nation's top astronomy and planetary science experts their space questions
16 JUL 2019
5.00 PM - 6.30 PM
USQ Toowoomba, H102, Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre
16 Jul
6.00 PM

"There's WHAT on Uranus?!"

Our solar system is WEIRD! From acid rain pouring onto Venus's surface to vast oceans of liquid methane on Uranus (yes, you can laugh), each and every corner of our special place in the universe is... well strange! I'll be taking you all on a journey through our Solar system, showcasing its quirks with a slight temptation of  showcasing the weirdness of other planetary systems too.

If you have a Curious Kid who have some burning questions like:

  • Why do stars twinkle?
  • Why is the sun so hot?
  • Is there life outside of earth?

We want to hear them!

The panel will be chaired by The Conversation's Molly Glassey, and will feature USQ's Professor Jonti Horner, Dr Belinda Nicholson, and PhD student Jake Clark, and Eminent Visiting Scholar, Dr Katarina Miljkovic (from Curtin University). And yes, they will be answering all Curious Kids questions in kids-speak - there won't be any academic/astrophysics jargon, we promise. Curious Kids is a series by The Conversation where we ask academic experts to answer real questions from real kids. You can read our latest pieces here and Curious Kids questions can be sent to (we'd love some space questions before the event).