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AIP John Mainstone Physics Youth Lecture Tour

The 2019 Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) John Mainstone Youth Lecture will be presented by Dr Pegah Maasoumi.

This free lecture is suitable for high school students in Year 8 through to Year 12 and their teachers.
22 AUG 2019
1.00 PM - 2.00 PM
USQ Toowoomba Campus, R Block, R113
19 Aug
5.00 PM

Dr Pegah Maasoumi

Pegah Maasoumi is a postdoctoral research fellow at ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science where she explores new architecture and use advanced Nanofabrication techniques to develop novel electronic devices such as flexible solar cells, quantum dot LEDs, light emitting transistors for more efficient sustainable energy, environmental biosensors and security labelling. She has a PhD in Organic Light Emitting Devices from The University of Queensland where she enjoyed the warm days of beautiful campus very much. Her strong passion for commercialising research, recently drew her to land of spices, India, where she worked with social enterprise Pollinate Energy to bring solar powered lights within the reach of people who needed them the most.


Presentation: My Organic Research!

Dr Maasoumi will tell us how organic electronics will change the future of our technologies. She will take us through the journey of pixels from lab to the market front of display technology. She will share the mystery behind the foldable mobile phone and ironman ‘s suit (shshshshs) and we will see the next generation of apartment windows which can produce light.  Last, but not least she will share with us, her own journey as scientist and the exciting possibilities in her career. 


Students, parents and teachers interested in physics are encouraged to attend this free lecture.

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