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The Maths Show

Looking for something different in Maths for Years 7 and 8?
07 AUG 2019
9.30 AM - 11.00 AM
USQ Springfield Auditorium, D Block, Room D101
02 Aug
5.00 PM

Something that will bring maths alive in a unique and entertaining way…

Something that will not only engage students with maths, but leave them astounded by the hidden power and wonder of numbers…

Something that will have students (and teachers) roaring with laughter wondering ‘WOW’ how did that happen, then trying to solve amazing mathematical puzzles…


Then why not try the Maths Show? The Maths Show is a live stage performance full of mathematical history, puzzles, magic and fun, designed to entertain and engage students while substantially increasing their interest in mathematics

During the show, students will be astounded at the amazing power of numbers to control the mind, predict the future, reveal secrets, and much, much more.

As a part of the performance, students will meet famous and (not so famous) mathematicians from ancient Babylon and Greece, Pioneers of Algebra, Famous Women of Maths, Champions of Chance and Data and more.