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Solution Focused Approach to Severe Trauma and Stress Recovery

This two-day workshop is intended specifically, to provide participants with easy-to-learn and apply solution focused tools and techniques, to enable victims of severe trauma and stress to get their lives back on track.
22 - 23 AUG 2019
USQ Toowoomba
15 Aug
5.00 PM

Initially, importance is placed on affirming and empowering victims of trauma to regain control over symptoms. The six fields of work (triggers, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbance, 'the lows' and living life to the full) in this area are examined in detail over the two days in order to give participants increased confidence in working with the client group in the specialised SF way

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Early Bird - $389 (closes Wednesday 31 12 July)
Standard - $489
Concession - $289 (USQ Student/staff)

Group discount of 10% is available if three or more people register from one organisation. Email James Brown for promo code.

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an increased understanding of severe trauma and/or stress
  • Describe the characteristics of 'victimhood', 'survivorhood' and 'living life well'/'thriverhood'
  • Describe the basic solution focused tools and techniques used with this group of service users
  • Use a variety of specialised tools and techniques for helping those involved move further towards living life well/their authentic self
  • Recognise how the specialised techniques can be applied to all types of trauma
  • List the main points service users have made about how best workers can be helpful
  • Name the pitfalls when working with severe trauma and/or stress
  • Highlight the most helpful and useful questions to ask
  • List the key ways workers can look after themselves, to enable them to undertake this important work
  • Fell more confident in their work with a wide range of service users who have experienced severe trauma and/or stress