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Learning at Home Study Skills

USQ Education Experts will facilitate a series of workshops for Students and Parents
23 APR - 21 MAY 2020
4.30 PM - 5.30 PM
Online - Zoom
21 May
4.00 PM

The series of five educational workshops for high school students and parents in years' 11 and 12 will be facilitated by a number of USQ academics who will provide expert tips to support learning while studying from home. 

Each of the workshops will be delivered on a Thursday afternoon starting, Thursday 23 April 2020 from:

  • 4:30pm - 5:00pm | Student Connection
  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm | Parent Support: Each week reflect with Education experts on how to support your child to learn at home.

Week 1:
Growth Mindset
As students move online this week we can explore how a positive growth mindset can help alleviate anxiety about new forms of learning and can set up lifelong habits for your study and career.
Ms Melissa Fanshawe

Week 2:
Organising your Space and Time
As you learn from home, you may feel as though there is a lot of ‘free time” between classes and online sessions. While formal learning makes up part of your daily and weekly study schedule, scheduling effective study time is important to ensure you are maximising learning opportunities by using your time efficiently. This will help you balance, learning, study and downtime. Time management is a skill that gets easier with practice.
Rob Cantle

Week 3
Effective notetaking is an important step in providing you with clarity in the learning process. Considering what you need to do with all the information you are given and have collected will assist you to identify the key concepts to be learnt and questions you may needs to ask your teacher.
While there are many tips and apps out there to support you, this session will assist you to determine which strategies work best for you.
Mrs Tania Leach

Week 4:
Summarising, Paraphrasing and Synthesising
A key study skill utilised in learning, assessment writing and many careers is the ability to summarise, paraphrase and synthesise information. This session focusses on stepping through the difference between each skill and practising the key steps to efficiently summarise information for effective learning.
Mrs Tania Leach

Week 5:
The Science of Memory: Learning and Remembering Tips
As we learn our brain makes and recall memories by encoding, storing and recalling information. In this session we explore strategies to support you to learn, remember, retain and recall information for exams and long-term application of concepts.
Facilitator: Mrs Tania Leach