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One Day Biomedical Science and Medical Laboratory Science Experience (Cancelled)

The Biomedical and Medical Laboratory One day Experience is aimed at students in year 9 through to year 11. There is no cost for students to attend this 1 day experience.
06 - 07 AUG 2020
9.30 AM - 2.30 PM
USQ Springfield - B406
27 Jul
5.00 PM
Places are limited to 50 students per day.  Students will have a taste of what it Is like to be a medical laboratory scientist examining blood cells under a microscope.  Whilst attending this experience students will learn to recognise normal cells like target cells, tear-drop cells, natural killer cells and cells infected with malaria as they try to figure out what it is that is making the patient sick.  In addition to learning to recognise these cells, students will study DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid to identify certain genetic diseases.  They will perform DNA analysis using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to diagnose a genetic disease in a baby.