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Fees and scholarships

Tuition fees

The cost of your degree depends on the course you choose as an International student. When calculating your fees, you should note that tuition fees are calculated according to the courses (subjects) you are enrolled in, and therefore your tuition fees may vary each term according to the subject area and study load you are enrolled in.

The calculation of your tuition fees depends on what type of international student you are. Whether you are an undergraduate student, postgraduate student or research higher degree student, you will find information about your international student fees at International Students Fees. 

International students pay a deposit fee when they accept their offer to study. The deposit will first be allocated toward Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and the remaining amount will be put toward the first semester of tuition fees. The price of tuition varies for each student, based on your level of study, program of study, and the individual courses that you take. The deposit may not cover the full cost of your first semester of fees.

You can make an online payment from your home country by international Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using Flywire payment.

Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) provides for amenities and non-academic services for students services, including employment and career advice, health services, financial advice and other support services.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee is an ongoing cost that is included with your tuition fees.

Other study costs

You will most likely need a prescribed textbook for each course you study. Textbooks can cost between AUD30 and AUD200. You can find specific textbook expenses using individual course codes at  the Omnia Bookshop. Additional costs may apply for some degrees and courses – e.g. uniforms and special equipment required for Nursing and any other programs. 


You may also be qualified to apply for a scholarship based on your academic performance, or area of study. Scholarships include financial support for students from diverse backgrounds, rewards for academic excellence and funding for research students. For more information and a full list of available scholarships, visit scholarships for international students.

Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded by the Australian Government. USQ has been involved in the Australian Awards scholarship program for many years.