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Changing a program

To change your program of study you will need to:

Please note that a change of program from one visa sub-class to another may require the submission of a further Student Visa application.

Further information on changing courses or education providers is available on the Department of Home Affairs website.

If your request to change program is approved

  1. You will be issued a new letter of offer. 
  2. You will be issued an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment for your new program. 
  3. The Department of Home Affairs will be notified of your program change.

If your request to change program is denied

  1. USQ International will provide written advice as to why you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. 
  2. You will be directed to either International Student Support for visa advice or Student Success and Wellbeing.

Not happy with the decision?

If you are unhappy with the decision you have the option to lodge an appeal through our formal appeals and grievances process. 

Prior to making an appeal, you should familiarise yourself with:

If you would still like to pursue the issue formally, complete make a Formal Complaint