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How to apply

Before you apply for the Head Start program, please ensure you have permission from your parents/guardian and school Principal or Head Start Coordinator and read our Head Start Guidelines.

To apply:

  1. Decide on a course offered in the Head Start program.
  2. Download the Academic Approval Form and request your parents/guardian and school or education provider to complete.
  3. Log into the Application portal and enter your email address. If you experience issues please contact us.
  4. Once logged in, scroll down to select Head Start or enter in the program selection box.
  5. Complete our Head Start application form and attach both the above Academic Approval Form and a copy of your latest graded report card demonstrating a minimum of a B average.

Have you previously provided your details to USQ?

You may find that you are considered a 'Returning Applicant'. If you have not set up a password or have forgotten, please click this button on the application form. 

Your application will then be assessed and if successful, you will be sent enrolment information.

For further information on how to apply please contact us.