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2020 School Engagement Key Dates Calendar

USQ offers high school students and staff a great range of on-campus and in-school opportunities to experience university life and explore study area interests.

Open Day

Whether you are looking for more information about studying with USQ or just want to chat with us about what your future could look like - why not come along to a USQ Open Day and say hello! 

Career Influences - Understanding of self

Understanding and clarifying career influences (PDF 122KB) can support an individual to better understand themselves, and therefore allowing them to make more informed choices about career and further study.

Journey of Toast - Career Exploration

The Journey of Toast video demonstrates a range of careers or roles that exist in any one given moment. This moment is designed to include roles from the pasture to the plate. It's a great career conversation starter for people considering growth or change and can build the awareness of the plethora of opportunities available.

Activities to compliment the Journey of Toast:

  • Roles and skills (PDF 1.7MB) (understanding of self): This activity supports individuals to self-reflect on the roles that they have held in life, and the skills they have developed. 
  • This is the journey of (PDF 1MB) (career exploration): This activity helps individuals spotlight a process, activity or product in order to recognise the plethora of roles there are in the world.

Life Timetable - Goal Setting

Download the Life Timetable interactive (PDF 390KB) which has been developed to support individuals to plan and manage their time each week.

U-Success Guide

The U-Success Guide (PDF 2.2MB) is a Career Development Educational resource for teachers to use with students to support understanding of self, world of work and decision making for personal and professional success.

The Career Book

'The Career Book' helps a student explore their options for an exciting future career. Developing these skills in ‘The Career Book’ will assist a student to progress their career each time they are faced with the next career transition.

The Career Book (the complete edition)

Can't access 'The Career Book' joomag via the links above? Please download PDF versions of the publication: