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Moot Court

Helping law students to refine their practice, gain confidence and understand more about legal proceedings.
A USQ student, wearing a black suit, addressing the court.

USQ’s Wonderley & Hall Moot Court on the Toowoomba campus is a simulated modern court room, with bench, bar table, witness stand and associate’s consul. It is fully networked with ample video conferencing facilities to allow remote appearances. The Moot Court also sits up to another 30 people as audience.

The Springfield Moot Court has a collection of heritage from Ipswich and Lockyer Valley regions.  The furniture is from the Rosewood Court House (in the Lockyer Valley) and was made at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and includes the magistrates’ bench, the dock and a witness stand. The Moot Court also displays an 1863 brief in longhand from Mr Thompson, Solicitor of Ipswich, to Sir Charles Lilley, then Attorney-General and later second Chief Justice of Queensland.