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Surveying at USQ

Throughout high school I was always looking into engineering and I ended up doing a bit of work experience with a few surveyors and enjoyed it and realised that there was a lot more outdoor work. After the work experience I went and pursued and looked into it more, and found that USQ are the only ones who offered it in Queensland. Surveying prospects are fairly high at the moment because it is a skills shortage.

I chose surveying because the industry I was in, in the INOR mines, was declining because all of the mines are basically shutting down or slowing down. Being occupational health and safety I know is going be a lot of people out there all vying for the same job so I wanted to do something different, and surveying was interesting but similar, so I thought ‘ah, I’d give that a go’.

So far I am really enjoying getting to know the students, working with the students, and really imparting my passion for the industry. Having that eight years behind me and being able to share that with all my students coming in as the new generation has been wonderful so far.

Within surveying there’s a few options, you can go into Cadastral – which is boundaries and layouts, you can go into mines, you can go into civil – which is a lot of roads and bridges or you can could go into engineering, so there is a few different field you can go into within surveying depending on what you like and what you enjoy.

If you’re curious, adventurous, you like working outdoors, but you also like to do a bit of office work and exercise your brain and really like to play with some new technology, surveying is a great match for you, particularly if you’re already interested in engineering but you want a more hands on career.