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Travel Information


Travel related policies and procedures are available via the links below. All staff should be familiar with these policies and procedures as well as their own Faculty/Department procedures prior to booking their travel.


USQ pool cars

Transport Services offer a choice of Pool Vehicles for use by University staff. Use of vehicles is restricted to official University business.

Inter-campus shuttle bus

Staff travelling between, Toowoomba, Ipswich and Springfield campuses should use the intercampus bus. The bus timetable and other information including pickup and drop off points are available on the Campus Services website. 

Private vehicles

Employees who use their private vehicles for USQ business are responsible for any damage whatsoever that might occur to the vehicle during this use. USQ employees should be aware that if their private vehicles are used, private vehicles will not be covered under the University's insurance, and that their compulsory third party or comprehensive insurances may not cover the use of their vehicles for business purposes. Employees are advised to check with their insurance company. In many cases insurance companies will issue cover notes for such purposes at no extra cost.

If a private vehicle is to be used, you will be required to detail the circumstances necessitating the use of the private vehicle and seek approval. For further information please refer to the Travel Policy and Travel Procedure.

Travel insurance 

All USQ Staff and Students travelling on 'approved' USQ travel are automatically covered by the University's Travel Insurance Policy. Coverage is subject to insurance policy exclusions such as travel for periods greater than 12 months; travel to restricted countries; pre-existing medical conditions; high-risk activities; personal travel; etc. 

Staff who have a portion of private travel undertaken in association with their travel are advised to contact the University's Insurance team as they may be required to take out a commercial travel insurance policy if USQ funded insurance does not cover the element of private travel. Further information can be obtained via USQ's Insurance webpage.

Evidence of Insurance (Certificates of Currency) can be requested through the Insurance team. 

Travel and taxation

Included in the travel request process in the Travel portal, is a calculator and diary which will determine if there are any FBT implications with your travel request. If there are FBT implications, you may be required to pay all or part of the airfares and airport transfers. You can obtain further information from the USQ Travel and Taxation web page.


The Corporate Travel Office can refer you to relevant health professionals who can provide pre-travel medical and immunisation information.

Pre-existing medical conditions

If you are aware of an existing health/medical condition which may impact on your travel, you must:

  • indicate this on your Travel Application (in the Business Case section of the travel portal)
  • obtain medical clearance through your doctor.

The University's insurance policy will not cover pre-existing medical conditions which have not been declared prior to travel. If a satisfactory medical clearance is not obtained, you will not be permitted to undertake travel on USQ business. Medical clearances will be retained on your personal file held within Human Resources.

International SOS

USQ subscribes to services from International SOS.

International SOS provides information about your destinations before you travel, including medical and security risks and how to stay safe and well. While you're away, you can contact International SOS for:

  • any medical, travel or security assistance
  • general enquiries
  • a referral to a medical practitioner
  • concerns about a worsening security situation
  • access to legal advice
  • information for women travelling alone
  • access to interpreters and more.

If it's an emergency, International SOS can assist with referrals to medical practitioners and can even arrange for evacuation with medical escorts on commercial flights or air ambulances.

USQ's International SOS membership number is available within the travel system.


Passports are personal documents and the individual employee will bear the cost of acquisition and/or renewal.  For frequent travellers whose travel profile requires regular overseas travel, USQ may pay the difference between a standard (35 page) passport fee and a frequent traveller (67 page) passport fee for acquisition and/or renewal.

Prior to departure, please check the passport requirements for the country you are travelling to. Australian passport application forms are available at Australia Post offices or from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.  For more information on passports please contact the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Passport photos

Photography is able to provide passport and visa standard photos at a cost to the traveller.


Visa applications are available on line at the Travel Portal using CIBT visa services. Visa requirements vary depending upon the country of issue of your passport. The cost of the Visas including visa cost, commission fees and courier fess should be included in your travel request under Travel Requirements. We recommend a business visa for University related travel. 

Mobile phone roaming

USQ business mobile phones are not connected for global roaming. Travellers planning to use a USQ phone overseas are advised to consult ICT Services for details for the activation of International Roaming. You will need to contact your own service provider in regards to your private mobile phone.