Early Offer Guarantee

Become a USQ Student Sooner

The Early Offer Guarantee allows graduating year 12 students to receive an early offer and guaranteed place at the University Of Southern Queensland (USQ) based solely upon a recommendation by their Principal. Students are still required to meet all of the relevant entry requirements and subject pre-requisites for the program of their choice and select USQ as their first preference with QTAC.

The Early Offer Guarantee enables students to secure a place as early as November - which is well before OPs and final results are released.

How do early offers work?

Your Principal will submit a recommendation based on your academic performance, motivation, skill-set, dedication and capabilities to demonstrate your likelihood of success at university.


  • Gain early entry to a USQ program
  • You can start to plan earlier for next year
  • If outside circumstances have affected your results, university is still an achievable option
  • Gain access to USQ support services, such as Career Practitioners sooner

Key Dates for 2019 (Semester 1, 2020)

  • 24 September 2019 – Applications open
  • 6 November 2019 – Deadline for students to submit application to their school
  • 8 November 2019 – Applications close for USQ to receive your schools approved Early Offer Guarantee applications. Submit these applications via email to study@usq.edu.au. Please ensure all applications are submitted with a copy of the student’s Year 12 Semester 1 report card. Late applications will not be accepted
  • 15 November 2019 – QTAC offer round begins and students receive their offers 

Step 1. Choose your program

Choose from a wide range of undergraduate programs on offer at USQ. If you're unsure which degree you would like to study, you can use the Career Explorer tool to help you plan your future.

Step 2. Application form

Complete the Early Offer Guarantee Application Form.

Step 3. Nominate your preference

Nominate the USQ program you wish to study. This must match your first preference on your QTAC application.

Step 4. Submit application

Submit your application, with a copy of your Year 12 Semester 1 school report card, to your Principal for consideration and approval before 6th November 2019.

If you are applying for an Education program, you must complete an online questionnaire including two written statements. QTAC will send you information about how to complete the questionnaire and statements when you submit your QTAC application. For more information visit the Teacher Entry information on the QTAC website. Ensure you also submit your QTAC application to QTAC.

Step 5. USQ contacts you

USQ will contact you by email from 8th November 2019 to confirm that your application has been received and accepted.

Step 6. Offer letter

You will receive a formal offer from QTAC on 15th November 2019. Shortly after, you'll receive a communication from USQ with all the information you need to enrol in your classes and prepare for your first semester of study at USQ

Exception: If you have applied for one of the following programs, you will receive a conditional offer on 15 November, as we need to ensure that you meet the prerequisites or other requirements for the program. All students must meet the prerequisites prior to commencing study:

  • Education (all programs)
  • Creative Arts – majors that require successful completion of an audition.

We will confirm whether you have met the requirements, once Year 12 results are released in December. As long as you have met the prerequisites you will be able to continue in your program.