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Study areas

Business and Commerce

Where do you see yourself in the corporate job market? Are you a future CEO, Marketing Director or Change Manager like other USQ Business and Commerce graduates? Perhaps an Innovation Entrepreneur or Forensic Accountant? 

Creative Arts and Media

USQ’s Creative Arts and Media degrees are designed to inspire your creativity, while developing the technical expertise and practical experience sought after by employers. Choose to specialise in Film, Television and Radio, Music, Theatre or Visual Arts; and become part of USQ’s growing and energetic arts community.


Ignite your passion for educating and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow with one of USQ’s education degrees. With a combination of theory and professional experience, USQ’s lecturers and industry professionals will mentor and guide you as you develop your skills and empower you to ensure you will achieve to the best of your ability in years to come.

Health and Community

Healthy bodies, minds, relationships and communities are the building blocks of our ageing population. More than ever, Australia is in need of skilled healthcare professionals to meet the demands of the social, physical and mental wellbeing of patients from birth to aged care.

Humanities and Communication

Do you want to unearth artefacts that belonged to past civilisations? Maybe your career goal is to deliver investigative journalism stories that really matter? Are you interested in developing an innovative public relations campaign for an international brand or learning about the stories of past and present cultures?

Information Technology

Information Technology continues to strengthen as a vital part of all industries, globally. By 2030, 50 percent of jobs will require IT related-skills, such as high level programming, coding and software design*. Be skilled and ready to meet the needs of businesses in this booming industry. 

Law and Justice

By studying Law and Justice at USQ, you could have the power to change our world and have a real impact on our way of life. Our degrees have been developed with an Advisory Committee of senior judges and lawyers who have given it their enthusiastic endorsement, along with extensive input from experts in the profession, to ensure our graduates are career-ready.

You can study


It’s an exciting time to be studying science. Scientific advancements are crucial to understanding the world around us, and will shape the future of the human species. USQ Science will take you on a journey of discovery and academic excellence, allowing you to contribute to a growing scientific community.