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Applying for credit

We want to help you on your journey at university, and recognising your prior learning and work experience is just one way we can do that. If you are eligible for credit towards your degree, this can reduce the number of courses you need to study, allowing you to complete your degree sooner!


Find out if you are eligible for credit

You are most likely eligible for credit if you have studied or worked previously. Have a look at our Credit Calculator to see if any prior learning you have completed qualifies you for credits. If your prior learning facility is not registered on our database, or you are applying for credit for work experience, you can lodge a credit transfer application form (PDF* 56KB)to see if you are eligible.


Collect documentation

In order to work out the amount of credit you may be entitled to, you will need to provide the following documentation with your application for credit.

Prior learning

  • A completed credit transfer application form (PDF* 56KB).
  • A certified copy of your academic transcript indicating the course/subject(s) completed, year completed and grade obtained (including details of the grading system), and weighting of the course/subject as a portion of the total program.
  • A copy of the course/subject description for each course, including the syllabus or handbook outline.
  • Please include the contact details of the person certifying your documentation.

Work experience

  • A completed credit transfer application form (PDF* 56KB).
  • A current resume along with a letter from your employer on company letterhead verifying your resume and a position/role description. It is strongly recommended that you address the course objectives in the application, and provide documentation supporting your sound knowledge of all objectives. You can find information on the course objectives in the Handbook.
  • A copy of the course/subject description for each course, including the syllabus or handbook outline.





Whether you are applying directly to USQ or through QTAC, an application for credit is separate to your application to study. We strongly recommend that you submit your application for credit at the same time an application for study is submitted.

It is very important that you lodge your application for credit as soon as possible especially if you are claiming an exemption or credit transfer which is a prerequisite for a course (subject) you wish to study during the following semester.

Submission details

The credit application form, along with your documentation, should be posted to:

Domestic Recruitment and Admissions
University of Southern Queensland
Toowoomba Qld 4350

or emailed to:


What happens next?

Your application for credit will normally be assessed by the relevant Faculty and in most cases will be finalised within 10 working days.

If you have already applied and been accepted into your program, you will be notified by email when your exemption or credit transfer has been processed.

If you have not yet applied to study, we will email you the outcome of your exemption or credit application.

For more information please contact us.