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Online tools

Employability Memory - World of Work

The Employability Memory online tool supports individuals to use terms often requested and required in career. The memory game rules are as follows: individual begins with all cards face down. Individual turns over 2 cards, if they match, that is a pair for them. If they do not match they turn back over and the individual needs to remember where they are when they turn the next card over. The games ends when are cards are paired. Understanding the language and expectations of the workplace is another tool in developing an individual’s career future. Dialogues around the skills discussed in the cards is recommended, and talking with individuals about when they have used that skill, and how they demonstrate that skill will deepen the understanding around the activity. This tool is accessible on mobile devices.

Understanding You

The Understanding You Wordle tool is designed to support individuals to consider their strengths, interests, values and context in relation to careers. The more times a word is typed (put a space in between each) into the box, the larger the world gets. This tool is printable and is accessible on mobile devices. 

Unusual Occupations - online career exploration

The Unusual Occupations online tool is designed to enable individuals to see a different and more unusual set of career options. It discusses the skills, and interests that may be necessary to do the role and provides other roles sometimes more readily available, but of the same genre. This tool is accessible on mobile devices.  

Strengths and Values Cards - Understanding of self

The Strengths Cards support individuals to sort through a set of strengths and choose their top five and the Values Cards help individuals consider why they do the things they do, and provides a set of values from which to choose their top five. These tools can be used prior to, or during career planning, prior to counselling or as a part of a career development program to support understanding of self. Once an individual has chosen their strengths and values they can print them. These tools are accessible on mobile devices. For further suggestions on how to effectively use these tools please download the Strength and Values Cards Tips (PDF 651KB)

Career Explorer

The Career Explorer will help students discover the study areas where their talents and interests can flourish and thrive.

Take 5 minutes to simply answer a few short questions to find career options based on interests, talents and preferences. We'll also email a copy of the results, so you can start exploring your career options.